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Fabulous Frederiksborg Summer Activities for Children!

28/06 2024 - 11/08 2024

Discover the Wonders of Frederiksborg Embark on an exploration among quirky objects and create gods in the sculpture workshop! Frederiksborg is fabulous for children. The largest Renaissance castle in the Nordic region, built for pomp and grandeur to display the king’s power. The halls and ceilings of Frederiksborg Castle are filled with incredible details, and you should take your time to see the thousands of portraits, artifacts, and paintings at the Museum of National History.

Fabulous Frederiksborg: For Children

Go on an adventure among thousands of quirky objects and explore the castle’s halls, ceilings, and time pockets. Discover magical details on your own with the museum’s special guide for visitors with children of all ages. Up, down, outside, inside: the family guide “Fabulous Frederiksborg” takes visitors all around the castle grounds, from the Castle Church and the Great Hall through the collection at the Museum of National History to the Baroque Garden and Louise’s Island at the small Bathhouse Castle in the romantic landscape garden.

Age Group: The whole family can join in here. Both teenagers and eager explorers aged 7 and up!

Sculpture Workshop in Gods Recreated

Follow in the footsteps of past and present sculptors! Draw sketches and shape sculptures in self-hardening clay in the sculpture workshop in the special exhibition “Gods Recreated.” Be inspired by the sculptures in the exhibition: the Wonderful Venus, the mighty Bacchus’ grape clusters, or fragments of hands and feet. Both children and adults are welcome to try their hand at sketches and clay.

Workshop Hours: Open daily from 2:00 PM to 4:45 PM. A portion of clay costs 25 DKK per participant. Sketching: 10:00 AM – 4:45 PM is free. Program changes may occur and will be posted here.

Age Group: Everyone can shape a grape. Some roll a sausage, while others form Venus.

Draw Space Rockets and Astronaut Portraits

We all have an imagination about space and the universe. Most have seen pictures of astronauts in full astronaut gear or floating weightlessly around the ISS. In the exhibition, we invite children, and adults if they wish, to sketch their idea of an astronaut portrait inspired by the our new astronaut portrait of Andreas Mogensen. Maybe the astronaut is floating in the Cupola, maybe the astronaut is sitting in the rocket, or maybe the astronaut is under a starry sky.

Age Group: Anyone can draw an astronaut or a space rocket!

Try on Historical Costumes

The museum’s popular historical costumes in children’s sizes can be tried on every day during the school summer holidays. The costumes are recreated from portraits in the portrait gallery. Keep an eye on the first rooms you go through on your visit on the 1st floor. Here you can find the costumes in portraits of, for example, Christian IV as a child and adult, his daughter Leonora Christina, and Frederick II’s queen Sophie.

Activity Hours: From 11:00 AM to 1:15 PM. Program changes may occur and will be posted here.

Age Group: From 3-10 years, depending on size.