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Summer at Frederiksborg Castle

25/06 2022 - 07/08 2022
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Learn about the history of Frederiksborg Castle and the museum on daily guided tours or with a selection of audio guides.

Every day from Saturday 25 June through Sunday 7 August, the museum offers guided tours covering Frederiksborg Castle’s history – from its time as a royal residence, through the era of coronation ceremonies for absolute kings in the Castle Church, and right up to the night when the castle was destroyed in a catastrophic fire, after which the castle was rebuilt and reopened as the Museum of National History, thanks to the initiative of Carlsberg founder, brewer J.C.  Jacobsen.


The tours lead you through the magnificent halls, the sumptuous rooms and the tower rooms. Here, the national portrait gallery displays portraits of people who shaped the history of Denmark. Against a backdrop of monumental history paintings, the museum’s tour guide will talk about the origins of the paintings and the significance of the events they portray.

11.30-12.15: Frederiksborg Castle – From royal residence to Museum of National History (in English)

13.30-14.45: Frederiksborg Castle – From royal residence to Museum of National History (in Danish)

You can sign up for tours on arrival. Times are subject to change. Check the website on the day of your visit.

Explore Frederiksborg on your own
The Museum of National History is chronologically structured as a walk through the history of Denmark. The history of Frederiksborg, the Museum of National History and current special exhibitions can also be enjoyed with the museum’s selection of audio guides. Before arriving, download the SMARTIFY museum app onto your device from Google Play or the App Store, and you will be all set for your visit to Frederiksborg.

SMARTIFY gives you various options to explore Frederiksborg on your own:

  • Audio guide to the Museum of National History. Approx.  50 minutes.
  • Guide to the many rooms at Frederiksborg
  • Scanning function – scan portraits and history paintings for information about them
  • Children’s guide – a guide through selected rooms at Frederiksborg for children (only in Danish)
  • Audio guide to the special exhibition HRH Crown Princess Mary 1972–2022

Note that you can switch between audio guides, room guide, scanning function etc. during the visit. Remember to bring headphones.

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