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Åbning af udstillingen Guder Genskabt på Frederiksborg Slot

Winter break

10/02 2024 - 18/02 2024
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Winter break activities

New restaurant, recreated gods, and sledding hills at Frederiksborg.

Experience the museum’s new restaurant, Rabarbergaarden at the Castle, opening on 10 February. Explore the new special exhibition Gods Recreated with a sculpture workshop for children and adults, and try out the most beautiful and thrilling sledding hills in the Castle Gardens surrounding the magical Frederiksborg Castle. Free admission for children at the museum.

Opening of Rabarbergaarden

At the Castle During the winter break, we are celebrating the opening of the museum’s new restaurant, Rabarbergaarden at the Castle. Rabarbergaarden at the Castle welcomes both outdoor and indoor dining in the cozy surroundings of a former carriage port behind the Slotsherrens House at Frederiksborg. Stop by and taste the flavors of Kongernes Nordsjælland (the Kings’ North Zealand), which Rabarbergaarden will bring to the kitchen at Frederiksborg in the coming years. Annual pass holders receive a 10% discount on the menu. Learn more about Rabarbergaarden at the Castle.

Guder Genskabt. Saturn. Højformat

Gods Recreated – New Special Exhibition with Sculpture Workshop for Children and Adults

Experience the museum’s latest special exhibition, Gods Recreated, and create your own sculptures in the sculpture workshop within the exhibition. In the workshop, you can imitate the art of past and present sculptors by making sketches and small models of sculptures. Get inspired by the figures in the exhibition or around the museum. Start like real sculptors by making pencil sketches or dive straight into the art of modeling. Both children and adults are welcome.

The exhibition is located in newly arranged exhibition rooms on the ground floor of the castle and in the former wine and coin cellar. The sculpture workshop is open from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM every day during the winter break. The special exhibition Gods Recreated focuses on the many sculptures of gods that are located on the facade of the castle. Back in the early 17th century, King Christian IV had a series of impressive sandstone sculptures created, forming a gallery of gods. 400 years after their creation, all the sculptures are being re-carved, and by 2028, they will be ready to reclaim their places on the castle. Through original sculptures, fragments, models, and the latest re-carved sculptures, the exhibition tells the story of the gods, their significance for Frederiksborg, and follows the process of re-carving.

The exhibition has been created through a close collaboration between Frederiksborg Museum of National History and the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, with support from the The Carlsberg Foundation and the A.P. Møller and Wife Chastine McKinney Møller’s General Purpose Fund. Read more about the exhibition here.

You may also want to see our portrait exhibition with Danosh Photographer Petra Kleis.

Fotocredit Ann Jørgensen

Want to explore the permanent collection?
We showcase portraits and history paintings in the magnificent rooms and halls of Frederiksborg Castle.

Winter in Frederiksborg Castle Gardens

When the snow falls, the castle gardens offer Denmark’s most beautiful and wildest sledding hills. Hop on a sled or a bobsled on the hills around ‘Jægerbakken’ and zoom straight towards the Castle Lake or visit the picturesque Indelukket near the Bathhouse Castle. No matter where you wander in the gardens and around the Castle Lake, you’ll have a view of the enchanting Frederiksborg Castle.


Frederiksborg Castle and Rabarbergaarden at the Castle:

  • Parking at Annaborg (fee required) Jægerbakken
  • Parking at Batzkes Bakke, 1 km from Frederiksborg (free) Indelukket/Bathhouse Castle
  • Parking at Rendelæggerbakken, 800 m from Frederiksborg (free).