Smartify – your digital guide

Explore the museum and the collection through a collection of audio guides and the scan function in the museum-app Smartify

Read more about Smartify here.

Printed guides


The museum has published mini-guides in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. The mini-guide is designed for use during your visit, but can also be read before or after your visit.

The mini-guide can be purchased in the museum shop for DKK 40.


The museum brochure provides an introduction to the Museum of National History and its special attractions.


You can use the Floor Plan as a mini-guide and map for your tour of the Museum. In the Floor Plan the room numbers refer to the numbers located above the doors to each room. The number refers to the room you are standing in. You will always be handed a copy of the Floor Plan when you purchase a ticket.