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Welcome at Frederiksborg!


Opening hours

Frederiksborg is open every day throughout the year:

April – October: 10 am – 5 pm
November – December: 10 am – 5 pm* **
January – March: 11 am – 3 pm

* Please note that only the special exhibitions and the collection of modern art are open between 3 – 5 pm from 1 November – 31 December
** On December 24th, 25th, 26th and 31th the museum closes at 3 pm

Admission prices

April – October
Adults: 110 DKK
Students: 90 DKK
Senior citizens (65+): 90 DKK
Groups, min. 10 persons (pr. person): 90 DKK
Children (0-18 years): 0 DKK

November – March
Adults: 90 DKK
Students: 70 DKK
Senior citizens (65+): 70 DKK
Groups, min. 10 persons (pr. person): 70 DKK
Children (0-18 years): 0 DKK

Annual pass: 350 DKK

Your ticket to the museum is valid all day, and it is possible to leave the exhibitions during the visit in order to see e.g. The Baroque Garden and the museum restaurant. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining.

Current info

  • Until 31 August (expected): Due to maintenance, 2nd floor room 44 and 3rd floor room 82 are closed.
  • June 2023 – September 2024: Several paintings in room 63 and 65 are unavailable due to an exhibition loan.
  • There are changes in the following rooms due to ‘Magical Ceilings’: 30, 31, 61, 63, 65, and 67. These rooms offer the opportunity to experience a special staging of the ceilings. Room 27 is closed in this regard.

Photography, cloakroom and baby-changing spaces


You are welcome to take photos at the museum with a small camera or a mobile phone.
Photography with the use of tripod, selfie stick and flash is not permitted inside the Museum.
Wedding photos at the museum itself are unfortunately not permitted, out of consideration for other visitors to the museum.

Cloakroom and bags

You may not carry large bags (max. size is 15cm x 30cm x 25cm), backpacks, umbrellas, water bottles etc. as you walk around the Museum. Please use the cloakroom lockers in the Museum’s lobby.

Prams and baby-changing spaces

You cannot take your own prams and pushchairs into the Museum. The Museum’s custodians will instruct you where to place them. You can borrow carrying slings for toddlers and umbrella pushchairs from the ticket office. There are baby-changing spaces in the toilets in the Inner Courtyard.

Food and drinks

You are permitted to eat packed lunches under the colonnade in the Inner Courtyard and on the benches in the Outer Courtyard. In Slotsgade and by the entrance to the Castle complex there are tables and benches. In the Castle Garden there are a number of excellent spots for enjoying a break in a scenic setting.


Smoking is not permitted in the Museum or Inner Courtyard.


Dogs and other animals are not permitted in the Inner Courtyard or the Museum. Authorised guide and assistance dogs are welcome.

How to explore the museum: Selection of guides

SMARTIFY: your digital guide

Explore the museum and the collection through a collection of audio guides and the scan function in the museum-app Smartify

Read more about Smartify here.


Printed guides


The museum has published mini-guides in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. The mini-guide is designed for use during your visit, but can also be read before or after your visit.

The mini-guide can be purchased in the museum shop for DKK 40.

Museum brochure

The museum brochure provides an introduction to the Museum of National History and its special attractions.

Download the museum brochure.

Floor plan

You can use the Floor Plan as a mini-guide and map for your tour of the Museum. In the Floor Plan the room numbers refer to the numbers located above the doors to each room. The number refers to the room you are standing in. You will always be handed a copy of the Floor Plan when you purchase a ticket.

Download the Floor Plan.

How to get here and parking

How to get here by car

Enter ‘Frederiksborg Castle’ or ‘Møntportvejen’ on your GPS.
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It is possible to park in a paid car park at Annaborg, within walking distance of the museum. The museum does not own the space and is not involved in the operation of the car park. All questions and complaints should be directed to Europark.

Please note: As of 18.11.2022, it is no longer permitted to park with the car’s bumper reaching over the kerb. We refer to Europark for all inquiries about parking in the car park at Annaborg.

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At Rendelæggerbakken (Tromlepladsen) and Batzkes Bakke behind the Baroque Garden, there are free parking spaces at a walking distance of 500 m and 1 km, respectively, from the museum. The walk offers a beautiful stroll through the castle gardens.

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Drop off and pick up: There are drop off and pick up points for buses at the entrance to Møntportvejen. During the visitors’ stay at the museum, buses can be parked on Roskildevej, where there are six bus parking spaces with 3-hour parking on the section of road between Herredsvejen and the roundabout at Milnersvej. There are three spaces on each side of the road. Distance to remote parking on Roskildevej is approx. 2 km. Expected driving time is approx. four minutes.

Long-term parking: Buses can also stop at Tromlepladsen by Rendelæggerbakken behind the Baroque Garden. From here, guests can stroll through the Baroque Garden down to the castle. The walking distance to the castle is 500 metres, with an impressive view of the gardens and castle.

How to get here by public transport

Take the S-train line A to Hillerød (approximately 40 minutes from Copenhagen). From Hillerød Station you can walk to the castle (View the route here.) or take the local busses 301 (direction: Ullerød) or 302 (direction: Sophienlund) and get off at the stop “Frederiksborg Slot”.

You can find your itinerary on Journey Planner.

Covid-19 measures

There are no Covid-19 restrictions in Denmark so visitors are not required to wear face masks when visiting the museum.

Frederiksborg’s rooms and magnificently ornamented halls make up several thousand square metres of museum. There is plenty of room to keep your distance, and the chronological structure of the museum’s collection creates a natural flow throughout your visit, with space for immersion and exploration of different periods and details along the way. Traffic in the museum, including stairwells, is one-way. Visitors are asked to comply with the one-way restrictions, which follow the history of Denmark and include visits to, among other places, the Castle Church and the Audience Hall. There is direct access to special exhibitions and, of course, access to hand sanitiser at the museum.

Guided tours

During summer, the museum offers guided tours in English. Please turn to What’s on for activities and daily time slots. Sign up for the guided tours on arrival. For group bookings, please turn to ‘Booking of special tours’.

The guided tour is available as an audio guide as well. All audio guides are available via SMARTIFY which can be downloaded in App Store or Google Play.

Booking special guided tours and events

The beautiful setting of Frederiksborg Castle is perfect for special occasions such as a group visit or a company event. The Museum offers customised events by appointment.

Special guided tours

The Museum offers special guided tours of the Castle’s splendid rooms and the rich collection of history paintings, portraits, furniture and applied art. Often the guided tour will take the form of a journey through the history of Denmark from the Middle Ages to the present day, or it could be arranged to highlight a special theme: for example, the Age of Christian IV or the Portraiture through the ages. A special guided tour could also feature the Museum’s current exhibitions. Outside opening hours, particularly in the dark half of the year, there is the option of booking tours by flash light. Special guided tours can be organised in the vast majority of languages.

Max. number of participants per special guided tour: 30.

Price within opening hours: DKK 1400 per group (1 hour) and DKK 1700 per group (1½ or 2 hours) + admission at the current rates. Outside opening hours there is an extra charge to cover the cost of security.

For an extra charge, you can book guides in historical costumes or light refreshments. Price by agreement.

To book a special guided tour, call Mette Carstensen (Executive Secretary) on +45 4820 1432 or email her at

Events etc.

The Museum offers special events for companies and other large groups: for example guided tours, team games and hosts in historical costumes. If you require food and beverages as part of the event, call Restaurant Leonora on +45 4826 7516.

To book a company event call Mette Carstensen (Executive Secretary) on +45 4820 1432 or email her at


Drop-off and parking

There are two parking bays for cars with a handicap permit (sign mandatory) in the Outer Courtyard (The Fountain Courtyard). They are located on the right-hand side of the Gate Tower. There is also the option of dropping off disabled visitors in the Outer Courtyard or, by special arrangement with the security staff at the Gate, driving right up to the Castle entrance in the Inner Courtyard.

Please be aware that all outdoor areas are cobbled.

Handicapped accessible entrance

There is a wheelchair-friendly entrance to the right of the main entrance. Press the button to call for assistance.

Lift and Handicap Toilet

There is a lift connecting all floors of the Museum. That means that, with the exception of the Castle Chapel and the Great Hall, wheelchair users can visit the entire Museum. If the four or five steps can be managed, there is a wheelchair available in the Great Hall. Unfortunately, wheelchair users cannot visit the exhibition for children in the cellar.

There is a handicap toilet in the basement, which can be accessed from the lift.

Loan of wheelchairs

The Museum has two wheelchairs, which can be borrowed from the ticket office.

Guide dogs

Authorised guide and assistance dogs are welcome in the Museum.

Museum shop

The Museum Shop features a wide and fascinating range of gift items, books, souvenirs, postcards and posters. The shop has the same opening hours as the Museum.

A selection of the store’s items can be purchased in the museum’s webshop.

You can contact the shop by emailing them at  or calling them on +45 4820 1454.

Restaurant Leonora

At Restaurant Leonora, located down by the Castle Lake, you can round off your visit with an excellent Danish lunch or refreshments. In summer there is outdoor seating on the sunny terrace.

Restaurant Leonora is located behind The Castellan’s House at the end of Møntportvejen and is named after King Christian IV’s daughter, Leonora Christina.

To reserve a table, call the restaurant on +45 4826 7516

The Little Ferry

From Hillerød town centre you can sail the most beautiful nautical mile in Denmark on the Castle Lake at Frederiksborg Castle. The little ferry sails from Hillerød Torv to the Baroque Garden and the trip takes about 30 minutes. The ferry sails when the flag is flying at the landing stages of both Hillerød Torv and the Baroque Garden. The trip costs DKK 40 for adults and DKK 10 for children.

No credit card. Cash and Danish Mobilepay only.

Read more about the Castle Ferry and sailing times here

Frederiksborg Castle has housed The Museum of National History since 1878, when it was established by brewer J.C. Jacobsen, the founder of Carlsberg. The Museum is still run as a branch of the Carlsberg Foundation.

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