The Carlsberg Family

The Museum of National History was established in 1878 by brewer J.C. Jacobsen, the founder of Carlsberg. The Museum is still run as a branch of the Carlsberg Foundation.

The Carlsberg Foundation

The Carlsberg Foundation is the parent foundation of the Carlsberg Family. In 1876 J.C. Jacobsen, founder of Carlsberg, bequeathed his brewery to the Carlsberg Foundation. He wanted to ensure that the brewery would continue to be run in the spirit in which he had established it, while also wanting to put his knowledge and prosperity at the disposal of Danish society. According to his charter and financed by the profits from Carlsberg, the Carlsberg Foundation supports science.

Explore the history of the Carlsberg Family with a new digital map over buildings, monuments and sculptures created by the founder of Carlsberg J.C. Jacobsen and his son Carl Jacobsen. Visit the Carlsberg Family´s new digital communication site where you can read about the great impact each of the brewers had on Copenhagen and Hillerød.

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The Foundation is still the principal shareholder in Carlsberg A/S.

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The Ny Carlsberg Foundation

Carl Jacobsen’s brewery is called Ny Carlsberg. His relations with his father, J.C. Jacobsen, founder and owner of Carlsberg, were strained for many years. The two breweries eventually became one, namely the Carlsberg we know today. This occurred on 20th January 1902, when Carl and his wife Ottilia Jacobsen signed a deed whereby they transferred the ownership of the Ny Carlsberg Brewery to the Carlsberg Foundation and set up the Ny Carlsberg Foundation, which likewise was put under the Carlsberg Foundation. According to his charter and financed by the profits from Carlsberg, the Ny Carlsberg Foundation has continued to encourage and support the best in art in Denmark.

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The Tuborg Foundation

The Tuborg Foundation was set up in 1931 and has since supported a wide variety of initiatives across all of Denmark within the spheres of music, culture, sport, education and commerce. The Foundation was created to support societies and projects which bring people together in new ways and build bridges between society and business life.

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Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek was founded by the brewer, Carl Jacobsen, who was a passionate collector. From the profits generated by his brewery Ny Carlsberg, he built a rich collection of art and cultural artefacts. In 1888 Carl Jacobsen gave his art collection to the public and began the building of Glyptoteket to house it. Glyptoteket has been open to the public since 1897 and holds over 10,000 works primarily divided between ancient antiquities and Danish and French sculpture and painting from the 19th century.

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Visit Carlsberg

A museum of Carlsberg’s history opened to the public in 1916 in Brewer Carl Jacobsen’s original Glyptotek at Carlsberg. In 1982 the old brewery buildings at Old Carlsberg were restored and became a part of the museum. In 1999 Visit Carlsberg was set up as an attraction in the former brewery buildings at Old Carlsberg with an exhibition telling the history of Carlsberg from 1847 until today, with the world’s largest collection of unopened beer bottles, stables with draught horses, a restaurant and a Carlsberg brand store.

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The Carlsberg Group

The Carlsberg Group is today a global enterprise and is the world’s third largest brewery. The headquarters are in Copenhagen but less than 5% of the company’s beer is sold in Denmark. The remainder is exported or produced by Carlsberg’s breweries abroad.

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The Carlsberg Laboratory

The Carlsberg Laboratory was set up in 1875 by the brewer J.C. Jacobsen as a research laboratory linked to Carlsberg. Since the beginning Carlsberg Laboratory has undertaken fundamental research as well as research of importance to the brewing of beer. Uniquely in the world, and in accordance with J.C. Jacobsen’s wishes all research results are made freely available to all.

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