Getting here

You can find Frederiksborg Castle in the scenic town of Hillerød.
The castle is located on three small islets in the Castle Lake, approximately 1.5 kilometers from Hillerød Station.

Train and bus


To get to Frederiksborg Castle easily and flexibly, you can take the train to Hillerød Station. The S-train line A runs directly from central Copenhagen S-train stations to Hillerød Station. From the station, there are two obvious walking and cycling routes to Frederiksborg Castle:

You can walk along the path by the Castle Lake (Slotssøen) and experience the beautiful nature of North Zealand.
You can walk along Slotsgade and experience the vibrant heart of Hillerød with its cozy cafes and shops.

Both routes offer enjoyable ways to reach Frederiksborg Castle. 


 Alternatively, you can take bus 301 or 302 from Hillerød Station, which will drop you off just a stone’s throw away from the castle.  

Whether you are traveling by bus from a distant location to Hillerød Station or if you wish to transfer from the train to the bus, you can find your journey details on It will provide you with the necessary information for your trip. 

We accept Copenhagen Card.  



How to get here by car

Enter ‘Frederiksborg Castle’ or ‘Møntportvejen’ on your GPS.
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It is possible to park in a paid car park at Annaborg, within walking distance of the museum. The museum does not own the space and is not involved in the operation of the car park. All questions and complaints should be directed to Europark.

Please note: As of 18.11.2022, it is no longer permitted to park with the car’s bumper reaching over the kerb. We refer to Europark for all inquiries about parking in the car park at Annaborg.

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At Rendelæggerbakken (Tromlepladsen) and Batzkes Bakke behind the Baroque Garden, there are free parking spaces at a walking distance of 500 m and 1 km, respectively, from the museum. The walk offers a beautiful stroll through the castle gardens.

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Turist busses


Drop off and pick up: There are drop off and pick up points for buses at the entrance to Møntportvejen. During the visitors’ stay at the museum, buses can be parked on Roskildevej, where there are six bus parking spaces with 3-hour parking on the section of road between Herredsvejen and the roundabout at Milnersvej. There are three spaces on each side of the road. Distance to remote parking on Roskildevej is approx. 2 km. Expected driving time is approx. four minutes.

Long-term parking: Buses can also stop at Tromlepladsen by Rendelæggerbakken behind the Baroque Garden and park at the three spots for busses. From here, guests can stroll through the Baroque Garden down to the castle. The walking distance to the castle is 500 metres, with an impressive view of the gardens and castle.


Drop-off and parking

There are two parking bays for cars with a handicap permit (sign mandatory) in the Outer Courtyard (The Fountain Courtyard). They are located on the right-hand side of the Gate Tower. There is also the option of dropping off disabled visitors in the Outer Courtyard or, by special arrangement with the security staff at the Gate, driving right up to the Castle entrance in the Inner Courtyard.

Please be aware that all outdoor areas are cobbled.