Digital Guides

Explore the collection and exhibitions with the museum’s audio guides

Let the museum app Smartify show you around the museum with one of the audio guides

The Audio Guide tells the history of The Museum of National History and Frederiksborg Castle. On the tour around the museum, you will hear about portraits and history paintings, objects, persons and events that shaped the history of Denmark up until the beginning of 20th century. The audio guide takes off in ‘The Rose’ located at the ground floor and continues upwards to the 1st and 2nd floor of the castle.

The Room Guide introduces you to the story that each room has to offer. Furthermore, it presents the specific historic period of Danish history the exhibited artworks and objects in each room is centered around.


Prepare you visit or experience The Museum of National History from home

The virtual guide lets you experience the museum’s rooms and corridors and lets you explore the exhibited artworks and objects from home.