Digital Guides

Audio guides and information about the museum’s collection

The museum app Smartify includes the museum’s audio guides as well as a scanning function that provides information about the pieces in the collection.

Prepare for your visit in advance by downloading Smartify from Google Play or App Store. All Smartify functions are free at Frederiksborg.

All playback functions are also available as text versions.


Features in Smartify

Scan the artworks

Use the scan function in Smartify to see more information about the museum’s portraits and history paintings.

This feature requires you to have your own mobile data connection. Coverage may vary due to the thick walls of the castle.

Audio guides

There are various audio guides for Frederiksborg, and it is possible to switch between them along the way. Smartify remembers how far you have got.

Audio guides can be played without a mobile data connection if they are downloaded before your visit or by using the museum’s Wi-Fi in the Entrance Hall.

Bring your own headphones. If you do not have headphones, audio guides can be played without a speaker. It is also possible to read a transcript of the audio guide.

Available audio guides:

General audio guide: Frederiksborg – castle and museum
The museum’s audio guide takes you around the castle and through Danish history. This guide is available in Danish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Ukrainian.

Duration: Approx. 45 minutes with no stops.

Note that the 20th and 21st century collection is not included in the audio guide. You can therefore switch to the Room guide when visiting the 3rd floor.

Room guide
The room guide introduces and describes the castle’s rooms and halls in Danish and English.

Room numbers are indicated above the doors. For example, if you are inside a room with the number 30 above the door, you are in room 30. You are not on your way into room 30.

Special exhibitions
Some special exhibitions have an audio guide linked to them. See the selection in Smartify.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t Smartify scan the painting I want to know more about?
Try moving the phone closer, farther away or at a different angle. Sunlight and darkness can affect Smartify’s ability to recognise the piece.

I tried to scan a piece from several angles. Why can’t Smartify recognise the piece?
We are still working on uploading the entire museum’s extensive collection, so unfortunately some pieces cannot be scanned yet.

Can I listen to the museum’s audio guides without using mobile data?
Yes! Simply download the audio guides you would like to use in advance by tapping the ‘download’ icon while logged in to the museum’s WiFi in the Entrance Hall.

Can I use audio guides without headphones?
If you do not have headphones with you, you can play the audio guides at a low volume by pressing the ‘speaker’ icon. Alternatively, you can read the contents of the guide by pressing ‘Description’. Visitors with children can play audio guides without using headphones.

I cannot find the audio guide for children.
Unfortunately, the audio guide for children is only available in Danish at the moment. Change the language settings to Danish if you want to hear the audio guide in Danish.

I cannot find the audio guide in my language in Smartify.
To listen to the audio guide in your language, select that language under profile and settings in Smartify. If your language is not in Smartify, the audio guide is not available in this language either. Note that you can scroll down for more languages.

I selected my language, but the audio guide plays in English.
If the audio guide automatically plays in English, it means that it is not yet available in your language.

The audio guide Frederiksborg – castle and museum is available in Danish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Ukrainian.
The room guide is available in Danish and English.
Descriptions in the scanning function are available in Danish and English

I need help! What should I do?
Museum staff are always ready to help.