Napkin (green)


Napkin with motif after a silk cloth embroidered by Anna Catarina Krag in 1652.

The original cloth is of green taffeta and features silk stem stitching and embroidery art in luminous, contrasting colours. The surface of the cloth is decorated with large blossoms and corner groups of winter leaves and fruits, each crowned with a parrot. Among the flowers are tulips, roses, lilies, dahlias and asters from the more common garden flowers, as well as columbines, irises, cuckoo grasses, crown imperial lilies and various buttercup- and lily-like blooms.

Anna Catharina Krag (1616–1692) was the daughter of Niels Krag and Jytte Høeg, members of the nobility. In 1687 she married Baron Rudolf Abraham Putbus of Kjørup.

The original tablecloth is displayed each year in September at the Museum of National History in Frederiksborg.

Size: 58 x 58 cm.